Insulation of LPG / LNG tanks with PU foam


Unique isolation system for LNG (LPG) tanks, created by one of our partners a Norwegian company, and applied by Molten Marine, have immediately received a great deal of interest from companies operating in this area and aiming at reducing pollution. The cruise ship lines and others, that are choosing up, and have already chosen engines that are powered by liquefied gas, have approached and turned to us for help in to insulate, their gas storage tanks, to protect them and save as much energy, as possible.

Our professional team, using the aforementioned technology to insulate storage’s, tanks and pipelines, for sure makes them neutral to external factors. This Molten Marine activity has begun in Germany and is currently expanding rapidly to other countries. Currently, the number of orders already reaches over 29 different projects, and interest is gaining more and more. Our processes are implemented with high standards of work and quality, employing skilled professionals, specially prepared, trained and certified applicants.

Having praised all the expectations of customers and inspectors, and has proven of the benefits of the technology, Molten Marine does not intend to stop, continues to expand its operations in Europe and other countries of the world, which are proactive in reducing pollution.

We are proud to contribute to the growing desire to make the world cleaner and healthier.